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Vibrant mind is a holistic health clinic focused upon supporting and treating children and families living with chronic health conditions, neuro-developmental and behavioural conditions,  and mental health. Rachel Marley is a Naturopath and clinical Nutritionist who combines the latest evidence based functional nutritional and herbal medicine alongside dietary and holistic treatment to improve health and wellbeing.

Supporting families through the healing journey is essential and Rachel is committed to providing ongoing support, education and resources to help children and their families on the journey to improving health to thrive.

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My Promise

Rachel is committed to supporting and educating clients in their health and specific conditions to empower both individuals and their families to achieving progress and to maintain optimal health. Rachel works with a range of allied health professionals to enable clients to have access to quality collaborative care and provides access to resources to enhance client health outcomes.

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Naturopathy and Nutritional consultations offer a unique holistic approach to improving symptoms and addressing the underlying cause of your childs health condition. A combination of a thorough clinical assessment, functional testing and evidence based treatment recommendations aim to address and improve symptoms for long term health benefits.



Functional testing offers a deeper understanding into biochemistry and potential underlying causes that may be driving symptoms. Identifying and addressing the potential cause is essential for improvements in symptoms and long term health maintenance. There are various functional tests offered to help assess health further to help identify the cause.



Nutritional and herbal therapies are a core component of treatment alongside dietary recommendations and other recommended alternative therapies. Specific functional nutritional interventions are key to addressing any identified deficiencies and rebalancing the body biochemistry. Herbal therapies play an important role in supporting the body and helping to further enhance healing.


At Vibrant-mind, Rachel offers an individualised approach whilst working with children and families ensuring ongoing support as a priority. There are several components involved in a the health journey to help maximise the patient and practitioner time and ensure the best care possible for each individual. The healing journey begins with an enquiry call with Rachel to discuss your needs. 


"When working with a health practitioner for my child, I have come to realise that trust, genuine care, and integrity are of utmost importance to me, and we were able to find that in Rachel, after having already worked with several health practitioners that did not meet our needs.Our son's health and development continue to improve since working with Rachel, and we are starting to see his real personality unfolding before us. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone with a child with a neurodevelopmental condition, there really is so much that can change when improving health.″

Myra 2021

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