About Rachel

As a health clinician I am committed to providing outstanding care and support to clients and families by keeping at the forefront of the most current research in health and integrating into treatment for individuals.

Raising awareness about chronic health conditions and neurological health to clients and the wider community is imperative for sustaining optimal health outcomes.

Providing key insights and education is also essential for people to become empowered in their health so as to live a full and excellent quality of life.

As a mother to three beautiful (and energetic) children and through my clinical practice with families, I understand the demands and challenges faced by parents and have a passion and dedication for supporting and providing education in all aspects of health, well-being for individualised wellness.

My Vision

is to provide opportunities for individuals to become educated in their health to feel empowered and able to make the right decisions for their own and their loved ones health. By providing a safe, supportive environment, connection and collaboration naturally becomes an integral a part of the health journey

In my spare time I love to spend time and 'hang out' with my children and husband and create the many happy memories that are like diamonds on a necklace that we so fondly cherish. Getting out in nature, playing games and weekends away is what we love to do. I love to have fun and spend time, eat good food, and belly laugh with my family and friends and truly love and enjoy each of those moments.

I do enjoy netball, gym training and yoga help to keep me energised and on track! I love my work with people and can also spend hours creating content, treatment plans and researching to really help create a difference for people in their lives. “Together is better”.


Official Bio

Rachel holds a Bachelor degree in Health Science (Naturopathy), Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Education. She has extensive experience in working with children and families, providing a nurturing and supportive environment for all clients to learn about health and thrive in their environment.

As an integral member of the PANS & PANDAS team at Remed, Rachel has a developed a deep understanding of paediatric neurological conditions and is able to effectively integrate evidence based functional nutrition and herbal medicine in treatment interventions in this multifactorial condition. With a particular interest in gastrointestinal and neurological health, Rachel has an excellent skill set in seeking to identify underlying causes to conditions based upon her extensive knowledge in the biochemical pathways and staying at the forefront of current research.

If you have been looking for answers to your health, Rachel provides insight and clarity about your health and equips you with the resources, knowledge and support required for individuals to experience fundamental shifts in their health and wellbeing.

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