Autism Spectrum Disorder

Currently the average age of a child that is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder is 4 years of age however parents often express concerns from as early as 2 years of age regarding their child's development.

It is estimated in Australia that 1 in 70 are diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

There can be a wide range of difference in individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum disorder and the severity in which people are affected. Autism spectrum disorder are characterised by deficits in two main areas:

  1. Social communication and interactions and
  2. Restricted, repetitive behaviors, interests and activities.

Characteristics of ASD:

Difficulty with social interaction and communication

Difficulty with changes in routine

Repetitive behaviors or body movements

Intense emotional reactions (emotional regulation)

Over reaction to one of the senses (sight, taste, smell, touch, hearing)

Need for routine or sameness

Treatment Options

In neurodevelopmental conditions such as ASD treatment, naturopathic treatment is targeted at addressing the underlying drivers for symptom reduction and improvements in cognition and behaviors. During the initial consultation a comprehensive case history is obtained, inclusive of presenting symptoms, past health history, family history and current medications or supplements.

Treatment options involve the use of evidence-based functional nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, dietary interventions and lifestyle strategies. All recommended treatment options are safe and are informed by evidence based research.

Testing may be recommended to assist in identifying underlying drivers which can include:

Nutrigenomics testing (assessment of genetic variations of metabolic pathways)

Gastrointestinal bacteria and digestive analysis

Heavy metal assessment

Nutritional deficiencies

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