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Rachel provides a safe and supportive environment to explore you or your childs health concerns. Each consultation provides a thorough and clear treatment direction which may include testing recommendations, specific nutritional and/or herbal medicine recommendations alongside targeted dietary advice and lifestyle recommendations.

The Initial consultation (60-90 min) is the first consultation and is followed by a Follow Up consultation (45 min) of which a thorough treatment report is prepared and discussed outlining a structured and detailed plan for you or your childs health.

Future Follow up consultations are 45  minute duration and are scheduled depending upon individual needs and recommended treatment strategies.

Acute consultations are offered for existing clients for acute care and health treatment.

A Complimentary Enquiry Call (15 minute)  is offered for prospective clients to discuss their health concerns and how Naturopathy and functional nutritional medicine can help.

The number of consultations can vary for clients however a minimum of 3 consultations is recommended to begin to address symptoms and underlying causes to your health condition. The frequency of appointments is usually higher in the beginning phase to then work towards a maintenance treatment phase to keep you well.

Online Consultations with Rachel Marley

  • Online via Zoom or Phone

*All consultations are currently online only.

Bookings for all appointments can be made using the below link. If you have any questions you can contact Rachel at:



Remed Clinic

  • Monday 2pm-7pm
  • Tuesday 2pm-7pm
  • Thursday 9am-1pm
  • Friday 9am-1pm
  • Alternate Saturday afternoons
  • 205 Main Rd, Lower Plenty, Vic, 3093
  • 1300 173 633

*Online consultations available


Schedule of Fees


Naturopathic and Nutritional appointments

Initial consultation (60 minutes) $171.50
Extended Consultation - Report of Findings (45 minutes) $135.50
Return consultation (30 minutes) $103.50
Acute consultation (15 minutes) $59

Naturopathic consultation Pack of 3 - online only - $369.50 (10% discount)

Includes Initial, Report of findings and Return consultation

PANS/PANDAS Naturopathic and Nutritional appointments:

Initial consultation (60 minutes) $185.50
Extended Consultation - Report of Findings (45 minutes) $150.50
Return consultation (30 minutes) $112.50

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