Free Health Downloads

These FREE downloads are here to help you  learn more about your health and to begin to become empowered to help you and your family. For more information please click HERE to get in touch.
Diet and Symptom Tracker:

This is a great tool if you or your child has been experiencing ongoing symptoms and have not been able to identify what might be happening and why.

Tracking diet and symptoms for a minimum of seven days can begin to give some good insight into what and why symptoms maybe be occurring.

To download the Diet and Symptom tracker now click HERE

Bristol Stool Chart:

Have you been wondering if your stools (bowel movements) are how they should be? This bristol stool chart gives a great guide to the variations in stools and insight into the funcitoning of your digestive system.

Types 2,3,4 are 'normal' stools and any variation may indicate that your digestive system may not be fucntioning optimally.

Click HERE to download your free chart and start to become aware of how your digestive system is working!

Prebiotics - Food for our GUT:

Our gut microbiome (gut bacteria) is now well researched to be a major influencer in our health!

Probiotics (gut bacteria) are really important and have specific functions, however PREBIOTICS (the food for the bacteria) are just as important and can be found largely in our foods.

To begin to become aware and include foods to fuel and feed our 'good' gut bacteria, download your FREE chart HERE