Functional Medicine Testing

What is Functional medical Testing?

There are a wide range of specialised tests available also known as functional medical testing, which gives insight into an individuals biochemistry and metabolism and can help identify underlying causes to symptoms. Functional medical testing involves a sample of specimen (saliva, blood, urine, stool) of which is analysed to measure specific markers, infections and microbes. The information from functional medical testing assists in guiding treatment and addressing the underlying cause of dis-ease.

Below are some of the most common functional tests used in clinical practice (please click on each for further information): 

  • Hormonal testing

  • IgG Food Intolerance testing

  • Nutrigenomics genetic testing

  • Stool analysis

Is testing required?

Functional medicine testing and routine assessment form part of the treatment recommendations in combination with thorough case history and consultation. They can be essential to:
  • give accurate insight to metabolic processes

  • identify key nutritional imbalances

  • identify and flag any key health issues

  • assist in guide and directing treatment

** All Functional medical tests can be ordered through the clinic with results sent to your practitioner, Rachel for analysis of which is discussed in the next consultation. Other assessments that may be recommended include blood pressure, random blood glucose analysis, height and weight measurements and urinalysis.

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