How We Work 

Beginning the Healing Journey...

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to health that involves thorough investigation of current symptoms and also comprehensive health history. This requires adequate time to truly obtain a complete understanding of an individuals health and wellbeing of which the frequency of appointments vary and is discussed between the practitioner and patient. Below is an outline of the clinical process and where to start. If there are any specific further question please contact Rachel at 

  • Hormonal testing

  • IgG Food Intolerance testing

  • Nutrigenomics genetic testing

  • Stool analysis

1.Complimentary Enquiry Call

The first step to begin your journey in the Vibrant-Mind clinic is to book a free Enquiry Call with Rachel. This is an opportunity to discuss all health priorities and concerns and to learn about how Rachel will work with you. If you are ready to move forward you can get started and book the first initial consultation.

2.New Patient Intake Forms

Upon booking of your first initial consultation a New Patient Intake form will be sent via email for you to complete prior to your first appointment. There may be additional questionnaire depending upon health priorities. This helps to give a good understanding of your current health concerns and history to maximise time during the consultation. 

3.Initial Consultation

The Initial consultation is the first consultation where full health history is discussed with health priorities discussed and assessed. Any past tests and recent intake forms are discussed with the next step in treatment clearly outlined. Treatment is ofter recommended after the first consultation to support and improve and symptoms and health.

4.Follow Up Consultations

At the first follow up appointment the treatment report is discussed which is prepared after the initial consultation. This report is a comprehensive report to address current symptoms and address underlying symptoms with targeted treatment recommendations. Any requested test results are also discussed at each consultation. Ongoing follow up consultations vary in frequency and length depending on each clients needs and monitor progress with any adjustments to treatment discussed. 

** Acute consultations are offered for all current clients for any new or acute infection or health concern. Rachel also offers ongoing email support to clients in between appointments however due to time please allow up to 48 hours for a response unless marked as urgent!   To learn more about each consultation please click HERE

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