If you think nothing can be done, I KNOW that something can be done.

This week has brought some challenges, experiences and some new connections (which I love!)

I feel compelled to write this blog after meeting a new mother this week who has been told that there is not much that can be done for her son who has recently been diagnosed with autism.

My immediate emotion was heaviness and devastation for this beautiful mother and I can only imagine and empathise with how she is feeling, of which a burst of frustration quickly came over me.

This is not right or acceptable.

No one should be denied hope, in fact hope and support is a key factor in beginning the healing journey, especially with the complexities of modern day chronic health conditions and neurodevelopment conditions.

The increase in the number of children that are now diagnosed (or suspected diagnoses) with a neurodevelopment condition such as autism, has increased at an incredible rate with 1 in 59 children now diagnosed (compared to 1 in 200 only years earlier).

Treatment can be complex and appointments for these children and families are numerous which can increase the pressure and have a significant impact on all members of the family.

The dedication of the mother, carer and family is incredible and as a mother all you seek is someone that can help your child. 

Not to be told that there is not much that can be done!

With the growing evidence now surrounding the intricate gut-brain connection we now can rest assured and know that the systems of our bodies are all inter-connected, thus just treating one system (such as the brain and nervous system) may not be enough to see positive changes in health, especially for long term management.

So what can be done?

Where shall I begin? 

  • An important and thorough case history of each client gives great insight into current symptoms, potential causes and guidance into specific testing and treatment to be of most benefit.
  • Testing can help to give clarity and take the guess work out of what and why symptoms may be happening 
  • Individualised specific functional nutritional and herbal medicines (that are evidenced based) is essential. A general multivitamin is usually not enough. We know the impact of specific foods, the actions of specific nutrients and amino acids and when given in the right client at the right dose, things can change significantly.
  • Support for the client is imperative as hope, education and therapeutic connection are an important factor in achieving results and just as important for health maintenance.

Although this information has focused upon children and neurodevelopment conditions, the same principles apply to all health conditions.

In most cases there is always something that can be done to see changes (significant changes too!) in health and to support the long term maintenance so that people can truly live a happier, healthier life!

If you lose hope I strongly encourage you to seek out a trusted, supportive health practitioner to help guide you to the next right step. 

Because there is one.

In great health for you and your child,

Rachel 🙂 

If you have any questions or concerns I offer free discovery calls where we can discuss the best options for you or your child.

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