Nutritional and Herbal Treatments

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapies are often recommended as a core component to treatment recommendations and play a vital role in assisting in restoring the biochemistry of the body helping in resolving symptoms and addressing the cause of illness.

Functional nutritional therapy is used in treatment which involves the recommendation of specific nutrients and therapeutic doses that have been researched and established in specific conditions.

All nutritional treatment recommendations are assessed for safety and are based on evidence based research to give the best therapeutic outcomes for each individual.


Herbal Therapy

Herbal therapies have been traditionally used for centuries with the current research now helping to explain the mechanism of how they work to improve and support many health conditions. There are many herbal remedies used for specific conditions with many herbs havingĀ  different actions within the body making this a versatile and effective treatment therapy.

Herbal medicine is considered a natural alternative and is made from herbs with minimal or no side effects whilst being gentle on the body with great healing benefits.

When herbal remedies are combined it can have a greater healing benefit so they are often used in combination in tinctures.

Dietary Recommendations

Dietary recommendations are important in all treatment. Food contains essential macro and micro nutrients necessary for our body to function optimally. Sometimes however, certain foods can have a negative impact on an individuals health which can be due to many potential causes including chronic or ill health affecting digestive processes, non-organic foods and genetic susceptibility. It is important to assess dietary intake in the initial consultations to help identify any foods that may be triggering a negative response to help in the first stages of treatment.

Specific dietary interventions can significantly help to improve symptoms, reduce inflammation and support the body to heal.


Other treatments used:

There are other treatments that may be recommended as part of you treatment plan to help with specific conditions and symptoms. These may include:

  • Probiotic therapy
  • Prebiotic therapy
  • Flower Essences
  • Homeopathy

All treatment recommendations are recommended and discussed in consultation to help ascertain the most effective treatment strategies for best results.

All treatment recommendations focus upon:

Supporting biochemistry and any deficiencies

Support gut health and digestive function

Addressing identified triggers

Identifying underlying causes to support repair and healing

All nutritional and herbal treatment recommendations can be arranged and ordered through the Vibrant Mind clinic and delivered to your door in a short time frame. Rachel can arrange this at the consultation.

This is to ensure all clients can begin treatment as soon as possible with the least amount of hassle possible.

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