Trusting your body and how to get YOU back on track.

Do you feel tired all the time? Starting to notice changes in your body such as aching or cracking joints, reactions to food or really noticing how hormones can turn you into that crazy lady?

Sometimes the first thought can be ‘that this is just what happens with age’ or my body is just going through wear and tear.

Hearing this from our own parents, friends and family gives great reasons as to why we jump to these thoughts. However, 

we should not lose faith and trust in our bodies. 

It is definitely true and well researched that our body undergoes changes in metabolism and integrity as we age however this body we have been given is remarkable. We barely have to do anything for it to function…except for food and watering. 

Issues can arise however, when we don’t provide the right nutrition and environment for our bodies of which we are given CLUES (in the form of signs and symptoms)  from our bodies that something may not right.

So what might some of these clues be?

There are many signs and symptoms that can indicate that there may be some underlying changes happening on the inside that need attention. These can include:

  • the onset of aching joints, muscles
  • bloating, pain or changes in bowel movements (or other digestive symptoms)
  • Tics, OCD, anxiety in children
  • anxiety and changes in mood
  • weight gain or loss
  • fatigue
  • insomnia or changes in sleep
  • changes in blood pathology 

What can you do?

There are some key areas to look at and begin to notice in your physical and emotional health.

  1. Nutrition; you are what you eat (they say). What foods are you nourishing yourself with? It is hard to be perfect, however if you are eating foods that you KNOW cause you to become unwell it may be time to consider a strategy for changing your nutrition. Start small, make one positive change at a time (eg. if snacking is your downfall create a strategy that will help to change this habit)
  2. Movement: Are you moving everyday. This does not mean a 5 minute walk to the kitchen and back or around the shops. Investing time into your physical self is priceless. A minimum of only 30 minutes per day can have a tremendous effect not just on your long term physical health but your energy levels, mental and emotional health… right now. If you don’t like to get out by yourself is there a team sport you used to play? Or is there a fundraising event you could take part in?
  3. Mindset; What are your thoughts throughout the day? What do you say to yourself? Begin to take notice of your thoughts…and work on keeping them positive. Our thoughts become our words and then our actions. So beginning to think of only thoughts of the person you know you try are or want to be. When we are in a mindset of gratitude and really positive you will begin to truly find contentment and happiness. It does take daily awareness and practice.

This is no magic diet or pill. The change has to come from within and also come from your desire and passion to be able to do what you love with the ones you love to be around. Often in clinical practice people will present when they are completely depleted and often really unwell.

We must improve and nourish our terrain (our bodies) so we can have faith in its ability to not only function really well and give us loads of energy but to help fight off nasty infections and prevent the onset of chronic disease. 

Nutrition, movement, mindset and our social connections all help to maintain this terrain with a daily dose of fun thrown in (joy).

Just know that things can be different!

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